American Innovation Matters (AIM)

American Innovation Matters Welcomes New Member Biogen

November 23, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. – American Innovation Matters (AIM) is pleased to announce the addition of biotechnology company Biogen to its membership. Biogen joins a diverse coalition of American corporations that are working to bring home American earnings from abroad and keep research and development in the United States. AIM’s rapidly growing membership, which now includes 44 companies representing numerous sectors, illustrates the pervasive impact of our failing tax policies and signals urgency for change.

“AIM is grateful for the perspective of Biogen and the continued growth of the coalition,” said AIM spokesperson Lisa Camooso Miller. “We know that our defective international tax laws impact companies across all industries, and we are pleased to have Biogen’s voice in our advocacy for tax solutions.”

Current international tax laws are strangling domestic innovation and forcing American companies to move valuable operations abroad. The situation has been made worse with the OECD’s recent announcement of final Base Erosion and Profit-Shifting (BEPS) recommendations. AIM urges Congress to protect American innovation and adopt meaningful tax reform. Representing the interests of manufacturing, technology, financial analytics, transportation, infrastructure, and now biotechnology, AIM believes comprehensive reform should start with an “Innovation box” tax policy on intellectual property.

 AIM’s membership includes Cisco, Boeing, McGraw Hill Financial, Apple, Intel, Adobe, Oracle, Facebook, Biogen and other companies whose strong investments in R&D and innovation help create new jobs and spur economic growth.