Weekly Standard

We Need a Serious Approach to International Tax Reform

April 25, 2016

While the Obama administration touts its recent rules to limit corporate inversions as a step forward towards fixing our broken tax code, it is clear this administration fundamentally misunderstands the problems that are driving American companies abroad. In the long run, punitive Treasury Department regulations will only make America less competitive while this administration ignores […]
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The New York Times

How to Stop Turning U.S. Corporations Into Tax Exiles

December 14, 2015

THE Pfizer-Allergan deal is a travesty. Pfizer, which is based in New York, will move overseas by merging with Allergan, based in Ireland, in a maneuver known as a corporate inversion. The point isn’t to find corporate synergy. It is to leave behind our uncompetitive international tax system. Not only is this the largest inversion […]
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Atlanta Business Chronical

Georgia’s tech sector under threat, unless Congress passes innovation box tax policy

December 11, 2015

Georgia’s robust high-tech economy may soon be put at-risk based on actions being taken by other countries. Fortunately, there is a fix if Congress takes action on international tax reform in the year ahead. For more than a century, America’s position as the driver of creativity and modernization was unassailable. From telegraphs to television, Internet […]
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The Hill

US should respond to OECD tax project with an ‘innovation box’

November 30, 2015

While the U.S. is plagued by inertia when it comes to tax policy, the rest of the world hasn’t been standing still. The biggest change of late has been the completion of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project, or BEPS, a multiyear endeavor with the express goal […]
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The Hill

Time for US to lead on international tax policy

November 19, 2015

In recent days, the new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) signaled a priority for international tax reform in 2016. And if the newest recommendations from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) are any indication of what’s ahead on the global tax scene for American businesses, it should be number one on […]
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The Wall Street Journal

The Latest Lure From Abroad for U.S. Firms

November 7, 2015

Low taxes on earnings from intellectual property will provide a strong incentive to ship IP jobs and research to Europe. The recent merger talks between New York-based Pfizer and Dublin-based Allergan are the latest signal that America’s approach to taxing international profits is luring U.S. companies to relocate abroad, or merge with foreign companies. Unfortunately, […]
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The Time To Start Reforming Our Tax Code Is Now

October 27, 2015

Congress has a number of urgent items to consider in the next few months – how to deal with the debt limit, how to fund the government, and how to fund our highway programs. For the sake of U.S. businesses and workers, there’s another urgent item that needs Congress’s attention sooner rather than later – […]
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American Competitiveness Could Get Much Worse Without Congressional Action

October 7, 2015

When it comes to creating a competitive business environment, the United States already faces an uphill climb thanks to our outdated corporate tax policies. What many Americans may not realize is that things are about to get much worse. The United States corporate tax rate of 35 percent is the highest among developed nations, and […]
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Washington Examiner

Foreign governments ready cash grab on U.S. earnings

October 5, 2015

Opposition to foreign taxes on American investment and hard work has been coded into our national DNA for almost 240 years. Yet almost two and a half centuries after resolving that we would not stand idle while others decide how to tax us, Americans once again must take decisive action to guarantee we can enjoy […]
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